Over the counter, the drug is one you can buy without a prescription. How to choose best over the counter cold medicine? Each OTC product has a drug fact label. This will help you to choose the correct medication. An over the counter medicines are used to relieve pain and treat the symptoms of the common cold, the flu, and other diseases. It is important when you buy an OTC medicine, to read and completely understand and then follow the information on the drug label.

Best over the counter cold medicine:

  • Sudafed 12 hour:

It is an OTC product and it is stored behind the pharmacist counter, so you will have to ask for it. A D-list choice for your cold and flu fighting needs. Those who popped a single dose of pseudoephedrine felt that more at ease within six hours. So it is well worth the extra step required to get it. This will increase heart rate and nervousness. You have to take it earlier in the day so it will not interfere with your much-coveted Z’s.

  • Afrin:

This is another vasoconstrictor that diffuses swollen blood vessels but the difference is in its delivery. This one is in a nasal spray. You should not make afrin your long term plan and limits its use to no more than three days or you run the risk of a nasty rebound effect. You will end up with extreme congestion that requires more products to feel relief. It is not processed in your blood stream so afrin has no major side effects to report when used as directed.

  • Tylenol regular strength:

This will switch in your brain to help curb pain. Tylenol is the safest bet because unlike the others it will have fewer contraindications. If you are taking other cold combo meds and a cocktail then that can lead to life-threatening problems. Always read the labels of any drugs you are taking and confirm you are in the clear. Avoid taking Tylenol during a night of boozing. It will tax your liver which is already working overtime to metabolize the alcohol.

Tips for safe use of OTC medication:

  • First, read and follow labels
  • Use over the counter medication for short term use
  • Record all medications that you take
  • Keep medicine in the box, tube that it came in so you do not mix up medications
  • Keep medicines in a dry cool place
  • Make sure you measure medications correctly
  • Be careful about chewing pill

The use of many over the counter medication has proven ineffective and not safe. Using the measuring device that came with the product is the safest option. Over the counter products are confusing. It can be overwhelming to look at the medicine and notice that there are over different products to help with your issues. OTC medications can effectively treat many common health problems but they need to be used carefully.