Through the years, several medical researches and scientific advances have been introduced to improve dental care. The accumulated researches, studies, and experiences by dental practitioners from the past have all helped to improve the current dental care and treatment we now have. Thanks to the dental practitioners who have contributed to the studies and researches done which have surely made dental care what it is now.   According to the website of National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research, some of the medical researches within the last couple of years include the study about the Isolation Techniques Used When Performing Root Canal Treatment. To facilitate this study, eligible dentists were provided with questionnaires. These questionnaires assessed the dentists’ use of[…]

Over the counter, the drug is one you can buy without a prescription. How to choose best over the counter cold medicine? Each OTC product has a drug fact label. This will help you to choose the correct medication. An over the counter medicines are used to relieve pain and treat the symptoms of the common cold, the flu, and other diseases. It is important when you buy an OTC medicine, to read and completely understand and then follow the information on the drug label. Best over the counter cold medicine: Sudafed 12 hour: It is an OTC product and it is stored behind the pharmacist counter, so you will have to ask for it. A D-list choice for your[…]